About Us

It all started with a global pandemic, an embroidery machine, a lot of free time and some girls who wanted to save the world. Well, maybe not save the world, but save YOU from having to wear fits that are not fyrreeee. 

Totally Iced Out embodies the spirit of the energetic and irreverent. We create feminine-focused apparel for sassy women and men of all ages. Whether it's for you or your mom, we gotchu bae. 

We are proudly an all-women shop based in the wonderful suburbs of New Jersey. We work hard each day to produce quirky, weird, edgy and completely personalized clothing that make you feel like YOU. Rest assured when you order from us you are getting a one-of-a kind, custom made piece made right here in the motherland of the USA. 

Check out our Etsy Store with over 20k sales and 5k five star reviews! 

Tag us on Instagram @totallyicedout as we LOVE to see you in our creations <3